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NÖSV 2.Klasse Mostviertel West 2017/18

Last update 21.04.2018 08:09:27, Creator/Last Upload: nö.-schachverband

Final Ranking after 7 Rounds

1Raab Anton1608SPG BSG Mauer/Herz d.Mostv. 35,5691,731842
2Tieber Michael1771SV Amstetten 65,5778,611967
3Blaha Werner1668SV Golling5,0771,411769
4Stadlbauer Kurt1624SPG BSG Mauer/Herz d.Mostv. 34,5675,031653
5Scheuch René1241SV Amstetten 54,5764,331449
6Grissenberger Georg1639SPG BSG Mauer/Herz d.Mostv. 34,0580,021798
7MKThierjung Helmut1836SV Amstetten 54,0666,711888
8Hintinger Mario1745KSV Böhlerwerk 34,0666,711858
9Brandstaetter Andreas1480SPG BSG Mauer/Herz d.Mostv. 44,0666,721716
10Fasser Walter1919ASVÖ VHS Pöchlarn 43,0475,011949
11Kerschner Siegfried1643SPG BSG Mauer/Herz d.Mostv. 43,0650,011708
12Eichhorn Ernst1643ASVÖ VHS Pöchlarn 43,0650,011699
13Haida Johannes Wolfgang DI.1332SV Amstetten 53,0650,031453
14Koller Robert1320SV Golling3,0742,931229
15Fuchs Patrick1442KSV Böhlerwerk 32,5383,331644
16Kuran Wolfgang Uriel1424KSV Böhlerwerk 32,5383,341571
17Tieber Thomas1466SV Amstetten 62,5462,521718
18Strick Bernhard1617KSV Böhlerwerk 32,5550,021554
19Felsner Johann1450ASVÖ VHS Pöchlarn 42,5550,031527
20Wadsack Thomas1782SV Amstetten 42,5641,711725
21Griessenberger Markus1783SPG BSG Mauer/Herz d.Mostv. 32,5641,711723
22Wolflehner Josef1547SV Amstetten 42,5735,711571
23Ertelthalner Friedrich1608KSV Böhlerwerk 32,0366,721717
24Werle Herbert1606ASVÖ VHS Pöchlarn 42,0450,021492
25Schneiber Hubert1580KSV Böhlerwerk 32,0450,031469
26Marzi Andreas1507SV Golling2,0633,321435
27Rauscher Günter1265SV Amstetten 62,0633,321363
28Fallmann Friedrich1722SPG BSG Mauer/Herz d.Mostv. 31,5275,010
29Stimpfle Markus1637SPG BSG Mauer/Herz d.Mostv. 41,5275,020
30Tuechler Franz1479SPG BSG Mauer/Herz d.Mostv. 41,5275,030
31Czermak Gottfried1467ASVÖ VHS Pöchlarn 41,5275,030
32Havel Erich1072ASVÖ VHS Pöchlarn 41,5350,041107
33Steinkellner Anton1168SPG BSG Mauer/Herz d.Mostv. 41,5437,531159
34Schellnhammer Franz1599SV Golling1,5625,011618
35Wadsack Magdalena0SV Amstetten 41,01100,040
36Sieberer Josef1254SPG BSG Mauer/Herz d.Mostv. 31,01100,040
37Zahorik Peter Sen.1282SV Golling1,0250,040
38Ebner Klara1081SV Amstetten 61,0333,331302
39Ifkovits Guenther1659SPG BSG Mauer/Herz d.Mostv. 41,0425,011460
40Beyer Edith1357SV Amstetten 41,0520,031172
41Drießen Frank DI1522SV Amstetten 51,0714,311318
42Gattermayer Robert Ing.1957ASVÖ VHS Pöchlarn 40,5150,010
43Grasmuk Herbert1835KSV Böhlerwerk 30,5150,010
44Edenhauser Manfred1786KSV Böhlerwerk 30,5150,010
45Reith Lorenz Dr.1747SV Amstetten 60,5150,020
46Dautinger Josef1553SV Amstetten 60,5150,020
47Stadlbauer Bruno DI1609SPG BSG Mauer/Herz d.Mostv. 30,5150,030
48Wurzer Manfred1430SV Amstetten 40,5150,030
49Rauscher Brigitte1216SV Amstetten 50,5150,030
50Kherlen Uhaalag0KSV Böhlerwerk 30,5150,040
51Tieber Stefan974SV Amstetten 50,5150,040
52Schiller Jan1237SV Amstetten 60,5225,030
53Huber Sarah0SV Amstetten 60,5225,040
54Stix Gerd Dr.1355SV Amstetten 40,5412,531280
55Bösendorfer Ronald1631SPG BSG Mauer/Herz d.Mostv. 30,010,020
56Resch Erwin1366ASVÖ VHS Pöchlarn 40,010,030
57Aigner Fabian1260SPG BSG Mauer/Herz d.Mostv. 40,010,030
58Bader Elmar0SPG BSG Mauer/Herz d.Mostv. 40,010,040
59Fehringer Michaela0SPG BSG Mauer/Herz d.Mostv. 40,010,040
60Gruber Jakob0ASVÖ VHS Pöchlarn 40,010,040
61Huber Sebastian0SV Amstetten 60,020,040
62Wolflehner Robert1296SV Amstetten 40,030,03752

Annotation: forfeit points are ignored