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NÖSV Mostviertler Liga 2017/18

Last update 24.05.2018 00:03:29, Creator: nö.-schachverband,Last Upload: herzog

The best player per board: according percent

The minimum required number of games: 60%

Board 1
1IMGanaus Hannes2282ASVÖ VHS Pöchlarn 275,04,522776
2MKWadsack Winfried2083SV Amstetten 242,93,020377
Board 2
1Högl Emanuel2037SC Raika Sieghartskirchen75,06,021578
2Berger Tobias2016SC Raika Sieghartskirchen58,33,521016
3Fexa Rainer1763SK Loosdorf8,30,516116
Board 3
1Dumancic Pero2048SV Amstetten 275,04,520286
2Gattermayer Robert Ing.1957ASVÖ VHS Pöchlarn 266,74,019836
3CMWadsack Wolfgang2104SV Amstetten 262,55,020128
4Felbermayer Michael Ing.1861SC Raika Sieghartskirchen41,72,517556
5Haunlieb Helmut1544SK Loosdorf7,10,514837
Board 4
1Wadsack Thomas1782SV Amstetten 293,87,520748
2Eichhorn Ernst1643ASVÖ VHS Pöchlarn 258,33,517996
3Rastigorac Anto1706SC Raika Sieghartskirchen50,03,016746
4Haydn Karl-Heinz Mag.1302SK Loosdorf18,81,514608
Board 5
1Wadsack Michael1828SV Amstetten 275,04,518136