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2nd Badal Bhattacharjee Memorial All India Fide Rating Open Chess Tournament Aicf Event Code : 164066/WB/2017

Last update 10.08.2017 16:10:09, Creator/Last Upload: rajendra shidore

Player info

NameSantu Mondal
Starting rank3
Rating national0
Rating international2122
Performance rating2073
FIDE rtg +/-19,2
Year of birth 1987


1376Rai Supriya11994,0s 1
2344Pabitra Mukherjee13884,5w 1
3327Tripathy Manoj Ku15854,0s 1
4314Sanjit Saha17976,5w 1
525Bhattacharya Niladri Shekhar20627,0s ½
622CMAronyak Ghosh21707,5w ½
738Gurung Rahul19306,5s 1
8317Aneek Das17476,5w 1
911FMMitrabha Guha23237,5w ½
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