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UAE National Chess (ch) 2017 Under 12

Last update 11.08.2017 16:41:21, Creator/Last Upload: ia abdulrahim mahdi

Starting rank

1CMMohamed Saeed Laily9314946UAE1710FUJ
2CMKhalifah Khaled9312552UAE1598FUJ
3Abdulrahman Mohammad Al Taher9310258UAE1522SHJ
4Abdalla Yahya Alhammadi9316655UAE1508SHJ
5Khaled Tarek Altaher9307575UAE1434SHJ
6Zayed Alsedrani9315810UAE1295FUJ
7Saleh Jasim Al-Blooshi9315748UAE1288FUJ
8Abdulla Mohammad Hussain9317074UAE1233DXB
9Mohamed Abdalla Alqaydi9319972UAE1227FUJ
10Anas Ali Al-Mansoori9315764UAE1217FUJ
11Zayed Sultan Al Taher9310592UAE1216SHJ
12Khalifa Amer9311971UAE1202AD
13Zayed Abdalla Alqaydi9319921UAE1184FUJ
14Zayed Mallah Alremeithi9315403UAE1155AIN
15Ahmed Waqqas Alawlaqi9318631UAE1102AD
16Mohammad Abdulrahman Alawadhi9317830UAE1072DXB
17Zayed Marshool9311459UAE1033AJM
18Abdalla Ahmed Alburaimi Alzaro9321675UAE0SHJ
19Ahmed Ali Al Hammadi9321551UAE0MUL
20Butti Sultan Dujhaish9321624UAE0MAD
21Hassan Essa Alblooshi9317066UAE0DXB
22Mohamad Ali Alhammadi9321586UAE0MUL
23Omar Alhosani9316701UAE0SHJ
24Omar Talib Alzarooni9316981UAE0MUL
25Rashid Hamdan Alketbi9319786UAE0MAD
26Zayed Ali Alsuwaidi9316990UAE0MUL