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World Cadets Chess Championship 2017 U12 girls

Last update 31.08.2017 18:23:45, Creator/Last Upload: cbx - confederacao brasileira de xadrez

Player overview for pol

4Wikar Martyna1950POL½11101101017,5640-48,00U12_Girls

Results of the last round for pol

Rd.Bo.No. NameTypGrRtgPts. ResultPts. NameTypGrRtg No.
Bobomurodova Maftuna1587 0 - 1 Wikar Martyna1950

Player details for pol

Wikar Martyna 1950 POL Rp:1783 Pts. 7,5
133Hoshino Meilin1437JPN5,0w ½40-16,80
219Brito Sofia1610ARG5,5s 1404,80
317Wang Xuwen1619CHN7,0w 1404,80
429WCMYellamraju Ambica1506USA7,0s 1403,20
53WFMDivya Deshmukh1993IND9,5w 040-17,60
610WCMDhyana Patel1751IND6,0s 1409,60
734Francisco Guecamburu Candela1410ARG6,0w 1403,20
87WFMKamalidenova Meruert1875KAZ8,0w 040-24,00
931Martinez Zambrano Karina Paol1455ECU6,0s 1403,20
106WFMMatus Nastassja A1910USA8,5w 040-22,40
1121Bobomurodova Maftuna1587UZB6,5s 1404,00