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Karasburg Open 2017

Last update 31.07.2017 09:07:06, Creator/Last Upload: namibia chess-federation

Starting rank

1/Goaseb RascuisNAM0St.Matthias
2Alter FrishalNAM0St.Matthias
3Blockstaan ReginaldNAM0St.Matthias
4Bloedooght AdraainoNAM0St. Matthias
5Domrogh HenriqueNAM0Kronlein PS
6Eiman ChristinaNAM0St.Matthias
7Eiman RickyNAM0
8Goliath JeanNAM0St.Matthias
9Goliath ReginaldNAM0KJSS
10Howaseb DonNAM0P.K De Villiers
11Ithana GermanNAM0
12Kaffer BaggioNAM0St.Matthias
13Kisting Le HendriNAM0St.Matthias
14Plaaitjie RudolfNAM0St.Matthias
15Shanjenka MichaelNAM0St.Matthias
16Steenkamp GeraldineNAM0St.Matthias
17Swartbooi RomaneoNAM0St.Matthias
18Vries DawidNAM0St. Matthias
19Titus JadenNAM0Karasburg Combined
20Haoseb QuintonNAM0
21Gaoe ValentinoNAM0Karas Combined
22Zaaruka ForemanNAM0
23Mouton JaydeanNAM0Lordsvillle JSS
24Mouton MarlonNAM0Karasburg PS
25Christaain ZacheryNAM0