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German Masters sponsored by UKA 2017

Last update 06.08.2017 13:57:13, Creator/Last Upload: zmdi schachfestival dresden e.v.

Starting rank list of players

2GMNisipeanu Liviu-Dieter1202758GER2683USV TU Dresden
4GMMeier Georg4675789GER2644SF Deizisau
7GMBlübaum Matthias24651516GER2642SF Deizisau
8GMHeimann Andreas24624632GER2591SF Deizisau
5GMBindrich Falko4676670GER2585DJK Aufwärts St. Josef Aachen
6GMHuschenbeth Niclas24604747GER2585Hamburger SK von 1830 eV
3GMSvane Rasmus4657101GER2583Hamburger SK von 1830 eV
1GMBuhmann Rainer4651340GER2580SV Hockenheim