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Mind Chess Flying Chess 2017

Last update 30.07.2017 14:47:20, Creator/Last Upload: penangchessassociation

Final Ranking crosstable after 12 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.Rd11.Rd12.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Tan Jia Yun/Tan Eng Seong(ft)1750Ope 28w1 17b1 12w1 3b1 4w1 5b1 2w1 7b1 6w1 10b1 8w0 9b111,074,589,582,50
2Tan Khai Boon/Chee Yi Hun1981Ope 32w1 9b1 3w0 7b1 14w1 15b1 1b0 8w1 4w1 5b1 6w1 10b110,074,090,070,00
3Eshwant Singh/Benjamin Lee1684Ope 6b1 15w1 2b1 1w0 13b1 8w1 4w1 9b1 5w0 7b0 12w1 14b19,075,592,566,50
4Kong Ren En/Kong You Jing(ft)1844U15 23b1 14w1 8b1 5w1 1b0 6w1 3b0 10w1 2b0 11w1 7b1 16w19,075,092,062,00
5Chua Kian Meng/Lim Yi Xean1749Ope 26b1 13w1 16b1 4b0 7w1 1w0 6b0 20w1 3b1 2w0 11b1 8b18,076,093,055,00
6Chang Lee Wei/Gerald Lim0U15 3w0 29b1 17w1 12b1 27w1 4b0 5w1 16b1 1b0 14w1 2b0 7w18,072,588,549,50
7Khoo Yi Chong/Woon Foo Yang1391U15 38b1 24w1 10b1 2w0 5b0 19w1 11b1 1w0 13b1 3w1 4w0 6b07,076,088,042,00
8Tan Jia Xuan/Tan Jia Jin(ft)1471U15 34w1 19b1 4w0 27b1 9w1 3b0 15w1 2b0 11b0 18w1 1b1 5w07,072,588,545,50
9Lim Zhun Wing/Lim Zhi Zhun (ft1352U15 11b1 2w0 26b1 33w1 8b0 20w1 16b1 3w0 10b0 15w1 14b1 1w07,070,086,042,00
10Isaac Ng/Ng Jia Shyen(ft)1742U15 21w1 27b1 7w0 15b0 28w1 17b1 18w1 4b0 9w1 1w0 16b1 2w07,068,084,041,00
11Loo Pin Xie/Ang Le Tien0U15 9w0 28b1 18w1 13w0 12b1 14b1 7w0 15b1 8w1 4b0 5w0 17b17,066,580,542,50
12Brandon Cheng/Carson Goh1506U15 41b+ 20w1 1b0 6w0 11w0 21b1 32b1 19w1 14b0 13w1 3b0 15w17,066,083,041,00
13Bryan Cheong/Tan Li Jia1300Ope 25w1 5b0 21w1 11b1 3w0 18b0 23w1 27b1 7w0 12b0 29w1 19b17,063,077,040,50
14Samuel Kok/Khoo Ding Xiang1382U15 35w1 4b0 23w1 20b1 2b0 11w0 22w1 18b1 12w1 6b0 9w0 3w06,070,584,534,50
15Bryan Lim/Kelven Lee1256U15 29w1 3b0 31w1 10w1 16b1 2w0 8b0 11w0 28b1 9b0 21w1 12b06,065,580,534,00
16Dylan Phuah/Brendan Wong1419U15 36w1 18b1 5w0 19b1 15w0 22b1 9w0 6w0 20b1 27b1 10w0 4b06,064,575,530,50
17Wong Chin Yee/Wong Kah Meng(ft1258Ope 30b1 1w0 6b0 24w1 25b1 10w0 20b0 29w0 33b1 28w1 18b1 11w06,060,576,532,50
18Sarah Kok/Annabelle Tan1149U15 33b1 16w0 11b0 37w1 31b1 13w1 10b0 14w0 29b1 8b0 17w0 20w16,060,067,528,50
19Shaun Kok/Lim Hong Liang1178U10 42w+ 8w0 37b1 16w0 30b1 7b0 31w1 12b0 21w0 23b1 22w1 13w06,060,067,528,00
20Kevin Sim/Choo Yi1141U10 31w1 12b0 22w1 14w0 33b1 9b0 17w1 5b0 16w0 21b1 27w1 18b06,059,572,533,00
21Bradley Tseng/Chin Tian Kuan0U10 10b0 30w1 13b0 31w0 29b1 12w0 35b1 33w1 19b1 20w0 15b0 27b16,056,067,029,50
22Teoh Yi Xian/Karson Tan0U15 27w0 34b1 20b0 26w1 24b1 16w0 14b0 32w1 30b0 25w1 19b0 36w16,055,063,029,50
23Ong Jun Hong/Hen Wei Cherng1123U10 4w0 35b1 14b0 30w0 37b1 25w1 13b0 31w0 24b1 19w0 32b1 28w16,054,063,526,00
24Cheah Zong Ze/Akrananda Tang0U15 39b+ 7b0 27w0 17b0 22w0 31b0 36b1 26w1 23w0 35b1 38w1 29b16,050,558,523,50
25Moshigen/Sherenggy Krishnan(ft0U15 13b0 26w0 34w1 32b1 17w0 23b0 28w0 38b1 36w1 22b0 35w1 33b16,050,058,022,00
26Harresh Poobalan/Derek Por1090U15 5w0 25b1 9w0 22b0 34w1 27b0 29w0 24b0 38w1 36b1 30b1 37w16,047,556,019,50
27Abby Tan/Sharon Kok1205U10 22b1 10w0 24b1 8w0 6b0 26w1 33b1 13w0 31b1 16w0 20b0 21w05,061,574,527,50
28Ang An Kit/Ang An Shen(ft)1111U10 1b0 11w0 35b1 29w1 10b0 33w0 25b1 30w1 15w0 17b0 34w1 23b05,058,073,025,00
29Teh Swee Loon/Bryan Teh(ft)0Ope 15b0 6w0 38b1 28b0 21w0 37w1 26b1 17b1 18w0 32w1 13b0 24w05,053,562,018,50
30Tan Tse Yuan/Chew E Foong0U10 17w0 21b0 36w1 23b1 19w0 32b0 34w1 28b0 22w1 31b1 26w0 35b05,053,561,524,00
31Yong Zhi Fan/Pan Chin Leong0Ope 20b0 38w1 15b0 21b1 18w0 24w1 19b0 23b1 27w0 30w0 36b1 34b05,052,059,020,50
32Khor Yan Xun/Jaeven Fong1127U10 2b0 37w1 33b0 25w0 35b1 30w1 12w0 22b0 34w1 29b0 23w0 38b15,049,560,015,50
33Yeoh Poh Thiam/Yeoh Chong Ze(f0Ope 18w0 36b1 32w1 9b0 20w0 28b1 27w0 21b0 17w0 38b1 37b1 25w05,048,055,513,50
34Gugavaisshanavi P./ Kayathiri Rainoo(FT)0Ope 8b0 22w0 25b0 38w1 26b0 36w1 30b0 35w1 32b0 37w1 28b0 31w15,045,052,512,50
35Jolene Por/Rehvatthi Dhanabala0U15 14b0 23w0 28w0 36b1 32w0 38b1 21w0 34b0 37b1 24w0 25b0 30w14,046,553,08,50
36Jayden Yeoh/Dharshen Poobalan0U10 16b0 33w0 30b0 35w0 38b1 34b0 24w0 37w1 25b0 26w0 31w0 22b02,048,555,01,50
37Illanthiran/Yugavaran Thirupat0U10 40w+ 32b0 19w0 18b0 23w0 29b0 38w0 36b0 35w0 34b0 33w0 26b01,049,051,05,50
38Joelle Yeoh/Eliza Yeoh0U10 7w0 31b0 29w0 34b0 36w0 35w0 37b1 25w0 26b0 33w0 24b0 32w01,048,556,00,50
39Vicnesh/Linggeris Daran Devath1584Ope 24w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,037,572,00,00
40Teh Hooi Kiang/Teh Yu Zhe(ft)1442Ope 37b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,037,572,00,00
41Dharshanan/Pavitdran Sanmugam(0U15 12w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,037,572,00,00
42Vignesa/Dhurgasrie Manogaren(f0U15 19b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,037,572,00,00

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable