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Championnat 2017 RAPID PHASE 1 Centre Cat.A - 3e Journée

Last update 31.07.2017 23:54:58, Creator/Last Upload: cameroon chess-federation

Starting rank

1Makem PierreCMR1912Yaounde Chess Club
2IMAmba MariusCMR1911Soa Chess Academy
3Mbusnoum HenriCMR1845Yaoundé Chess Club
4Grilmaier PhilippeBEL1842Yaounde Chess Club
5Anguissa Abega ArseneCMR1800Yaounde Chess Club
6Belinga JosephCMR1800Yaounde Chess Club
7Dongmo Zebaze DylaneCMR1800Polythec Club
8Eloundou HervéCMR1800Yaounde Chess Club
9Fomazou BernisCMR1800Yaounde Chess Club
10Fomena StevinCMR1800Yaoundé Chess Club
11Mandeng JacquesCMR1800Yaounde Chess Club
12Mba'ale Paul-GerardCMR1800Soa Chess Academy
13Metuno BleriotCMR1800Polythec Club
14Minali EricCMR1800Yaounde Chess Club
15Noutchegueme Alain-DidierCMR1800Université de Yaounde 1
16Woambia MebamefeCMR1800