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Salzburger 2. Klasse Stadt 2017/2018

Last update 28.01.2018 08:23:44, Creator/Last Upload: schachlandesverband salzburg

The best player per board: according percent

The minimum required number of games: 60%

Board 1
1Baldemair Helmut1444Union Hallein 350,02,517145
Board 2
1Pichler Christian1294ASK Galaxy100,05,026005
2Grünwald Simon1419SIR UP80,04,019745
3Lackner Rudolf1283ASK Galaxy70,03,518375
4Fruhstorfer Heinz1235SIR Lehrer40,02,017285
Board 3
1Meisl Walter1471Obertrum100,06,026006
2Lippmann Andreas1389SIR UP80,04,019705
3Kühleitner Markus Mag1538ASK Evergreen66,74,018656
4Kliegl Julian1154SIR Chessnuts40,02,016625
5Herbst Gottfried1220Union Hallein 333,32,016756
6Seilinger Rudolf1304Union Hallein 320,01,014485
7Posch Manfred1185SIR Chessnuts16,71,013906
Board 4
1Nobbe Michael Mag.0SIR UP100,06,024966
2Horn Sarah1242SIR Lehrer80,04,020405
3Vogl Erik0ASK Galaxy20,01,014905