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Irish Championships 2017 first weekend Challenger sponsored by Ei Electronics

Last update 27.08.2017 17:15:47, Creator/Last Upload: ivanbaburin

Starting rank

1O'Sullivan James2510197IRL1462
2Howley Kieran2504855IRL1375
3Solomatina Jana11611383LAT1314
4Coveney Maurice J.2505940IRL1249
5Azzizbek Shamsiddinov18136IRL1246
6O'Sullivan AidanIRL1222
7Hehir SeanIRL1089
8Wallace TheoIRL1048
9Flynn-Connolly RuairiIRL1038
10McGorrian Chris2509288IRL1025
11Lucey John2504006IRL991
12Ingram Andrew2510138IRL968
13Kavanagh James2510006IRL936
14Hackett William2510502IRL890
15Eyers MichaelIRL860
16Collins AdamIRL818
17Avetisyan GagikARM771
18Cunningham DavidIRL745
19Binu Daniel NivedIRL740
20McElwain Colm2511878IRL715
21Avetisyan HaykIRL700
22Finnerty Andrew2510960IRL700
23Markham JackIRL700
24McNulty BrianIRL700
25Pyne CianIRL700
26Holland Tadhg2512190IRL0
27Kenny ChrisIRL0
28Kenny Emma LouiseIRL0
29Rushe DylanIRL0
30Timlin PhilIRL0