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2017 Aurora Summer Open U900

Last update 31.07.2017 17:09:33, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 5)

Starting rank

1NORITSYN Ivan155008CAN895
2DATTA Rohan163054CAN882
3LIAO Jodie158747CAN853
4MANE Arnav160927CAN850
5CAO Angela150287CAN822
6CHEN Frank162966CAN801
7PUGACH Daniel163100CAN801
8WANG An Cheng158684CAN794
9BAI Kingsley163261CAN770
10CHI Sarah161072CAN740
11WU Vivian162741CAN723
12WANG Xiuqi (arthur)162689CAN699
13YANG Kevin158754CAN684
14GUO Andrew161199CAN682
15CHENG Adam156083CAN564
16RUCHINSKAYA Valerie161874CAN535
17LIAO Jocelyn160663CAN485
18INOZEMTSEVA Milana163516CAN447
19CHEN Sihao164384CAN0
20CHERNIAK Illia157729CAN0
21DAI Ruicheng (richard)164589CAN0
22GRENIER Melissa Anne164918CAN0
23GUO Anni163250CAN0
25LIU Aden164947CAN0
26LIU Golden163097CAN0
27LIU Zi162791CAN0
28MAHDI Ayah159863CAN0
29PUSTINA Patrick163927CAN0
30SEMIANIUK Catherine160930CAN0
31SVIRSCHI Oleg164696CAN0
32TUONG Truong Cat164950CAN0
33YANG Lefan163151CAN0