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2017 Aurora Summer Open U1300

Last update 31.07.2017 15:31:41, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 5)

Starting rank

1KHAKIMOV Karim159618CAN1259
2VAZ Jake154789CAN1254
3GRENIER Mathew163058CAN1241
4CAO Bruce150182CAN1200
5LIU Aaron162294CAN1195
6AI Amy161127CAN1190
7LI Jerry158796CAN1183
8GAO Lucy161206CAN1181
9LIN Angela156759CAN1175
10ACOSTA Richard162731CAN1173
11YUAN Hao Chao (henry)161707CAN1154
12QIU James158784CAN1150
13ZHAO Alex156961CAN1126
14CHAKKOLI Anirud161732CAN1122
15SOSEDOV Denis163728CAN1118
16WANG Zhixing (daniel)159609CAN1110
17ZHANG Ethan161203CAN1110
18LIAO Yilin157447CAN1104
19MUKHERJEE Pranoy162448CAN1072
20ZHUANG Jin Rong (winnie)162007CAN1058
21CHEN Andrew160054CAN1034
22PISHDAD M. Hassan146931CAN1032
23WRIGHT Eric157944CAN1028
24SOUCHKO Larissa145490CAN1026
25SURYA Dania161403CAN1018
26HICKSON Michael135211CAN1002
27QU Edison156082CAN965
28WANG Richard158745CAN939
29MUGUNTHAN Vaamanan163098CAN913
30LI Andrew155338CAN910
31LAI Jett161204CAN881
32ZHU Ricky164016CAN874
33KHAKIMOV Amon160889CAN1106