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2017 Aurora Summer Open U1600

Last update 31.07.2017 15:33:24, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 5)

Starting rank

1BENGGAWAN Undriadi107301CAN1588
2HALL William104649CAN1569
3HUA Gary154420CAN1542
4KWAN Toy Chack162706CAN1507
5GAO Raymond156480CAN1492
6RUAN Colin153989CAN1459
7MANSILLA Guillermo154509CAN1457
8BANIC John164298CAN1448
9PEARSON Dave123156CAN1437
10LUKEZICH John I.F.146765CAN1436
11BARBARICH Zdravko153394CAN1431
12GALVIS Nicholas Pinto163869CAN1424
13SYDYKHANOV Arman155506CAN1424
14WANG Eric160647CAN1419
15HUA Michelle159858CAN1413
16WU Edward Yang156368CAN1401
17MA Yue Ran158013CAN1396
18MOURGELAS James108540CAN1387
19PARAS Peter160381CAN1385
20GILLIS Doug111022CAN1379
21SUPER Russell108550CAN1360
22ARCHIBALD Colin B.103766CAN1352
23LI Wing155459CAN1332
24JOSEPH BENHER Savio161296CAN1322
25PIRKOOHI Shahrooz Ghasemi162826CAN1321
26GAO William (zhimao)162775CAN1294
27DATTANI Dinesh134499CAN1275
28YANG Brett160415CAN1259
29MA Andrew160397CAN1249
30YUEN Noah Nathaniel158470CAN1247
31QU Greta160692CAN1215
32PROST Bernie105432CAN1545