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6. Int. Mödlinger Aktivschachturnier für Kinder bis 12 Jahre

Last update 16.09.2017 18:59:48, Creator: hr. christian hrdlicka (sv mödling),Last Upload: wiener schachverband (ta)

Final Ranking crosstable after 5 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Kuti Oliver1159AUT 8b1 9w1 3b1 15w1 2w15,016,510,016,50
2Nusser Gergo1185HUN 25b1 14w1 6b1 7w1 1b04,016,510,011,50
3Krejci Vera Marie1436AUT 24w1 11b1 1w0 20b1 7w14,014,58,09,50
4Pavlov Roman1306AUT 19b1 13w1 7b0 9w1 8b14,014,09,011,00
5Georgiev Daniel1552AUT 15b0 18w1 25b1 13w1 10b14,012,07,59,50
6Schwab Harald1098AUT 26b1 12w1 2w0 18b1 15b14,012,07,58,00
7Balint Peter1156AUT 23w1 21b1 4w1 2b0 3b03,015,510,07,50
8Kramar Erik0AUT 1w0 28b1 11w1 16b1 4w03,015,59,56,50
9Molnar Bendeguz0HUN 16w1 1b0 28w1 4b0 19w13,014,58,55,50
10Tedi Balint1163HUN 27w1 15b½ 16w½ 17b1 5w03,012,07,05,50
11Farkas Virag1124HUN 17w1 3w0 8b0 27b1 20w13,012,07,05,00
12Fürndrath Kilian1232AUT 20w1 6b0 15w0 21b1 17w13,012,06,55,50
13Bilyalov Erol1092BUL 29w1 4b0 21w1 5b0 18w13,011,57,53,50
14Rosol Philip970AUT 22w1 2b0 17w0 26b1 24w13,09,55,03,50
15Ernst Robert963AUT 5w1 10w½ 12b1 1b0 6w02,519,011,08,50
16Torma Kevin Mark1128HUN 9b0 27w1 10b½ 8w0 25b12,511,57,54,00
17Nemeth David Gergo0HUN 11b0 19w1 14b1 10w0 12b02,014,09,05,00
18Stipta Roza Rebeka0HUN 28w1 5b0 24w1 6w0 13b02,013,58,52,50
19Bichler Oliver815AUT 4w0 17b0 23b1 22w1 9b02,012,57,03,50
20Danzinger Stefan800AUT 12b0 26w1 22b1 3w0 11b02,012,07,52,00
21Hack Alexander0AUT -1 7w0 13b0 12w0 29b12,010,57,52,50
22Winter Daniel0AUT 14b0 -1 20w0 19b0 27w12,09,55,53,50
23Luisser Henrik0AUT 7b0 24b0 19w0 29b1 26w12,07,04,00,50
24Schirmbeck David870AUT 3b0 23w1 18b0 25w½ 14b01,512,57,02,75
25Schirmbeck Klara800AUT 2w0 29b1 5w0 24b½ 16w01,512,08,00,75
26Schmatovich Boglarka0HUN 6w0 20b0 -1 14w0 23b01,011,57,02,50
27Hoschitz Andreas0AUT 10b0 16b0 29w1 11w0 22b01,010,07,00,00
28Teuber Tobias995AUT 18b0 8w0 9b0 -0 -00,010,06,00,00
29Stanila Noah0AUT 13b0 25w0 27b0 23w0 21w00,09,05,00,00

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger Tie-Break (with modified points, analogous to Buchholz Tie-Break)

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