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Black Knights Closed Blitz Championship (FIDE rated)

Last update 23.07.2017 22:25:32, Creator/Last Upload: kenya chess-federation

Starting rank list of players

3Kirega Titus Mwangi10802240KEN1716Black Knights Chess Club
11Nyairo Mark10802720KEN1613Strathmore University
1Kionga Antony10803734KEN1608Black Knights Chess Club
5Juma Maxwell10802983KEN1590Kenyatta University
6Louis Allan Okwaro10804897KEN1526Kenyatta University
10Kimani Hubert10811087KEN1391Kenyatta University
9Amunga Teddy Clinton10811451KEN0Black Knights Chess Club
2Chege Caleb10811214KEN0Black Knights Chess Club
8Maina Brian Kariuki10811125KEN0Black Knights Chess Club
7Muniu Solomon Thuo10810676KEN0Anchor Chess Club
4Omboga Joseph Makori10808809KEN0Anchor Chess Club