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1er Torneo FIDE Academia PAHIDI 2017

Last update 14.08.2017 04:21:02, Creator/Last Upload: ia enrique zaragoza

Starting rank list of players

1IMEspinosa Flores Rafael Emilio5100038MEX2369Pue
2Fernandez Rangel Alejandro5103150MEX2213Pue
8Limon Olmos Ivan Alonso5117798MEX1859Pue
6Ariza Gonzalez Leonardo5110181MEX1786Pue
5Limon Flores Gerardo5101069MEX1700Pue
3Gallardo Macias AlejandroMEX1625Pue
7Pineda Aguirre Israel5121183MEX1568Pue
9Castellon Hernandez Leon FelipeMEX1550Tlx
4Suarez Fajardo Jareth5129095MEX0Pue