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Juvenil de Almería 2010 (Elo FADA)

Last update 17.01.2010 21:09:04, Creator/Last Upload: Spanish Chess Federation (Licence 294)

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Starting rank

1Puertas Martin SavinsAL2023U18Frigan
2Rodriguez Rodriguez SergioAL1930U18Roquetas
3Conejo Sanchez RafaelAL1800U14Roquetas
4Diaz Zehl LuisAL1559U14Roquetas
5Perez Rubio RamonAL1555U14Ejido
6Ucles Lirola MoisesAL1551U12Vicar
7Fernandez Gonzalez IgnacioAL1523U16Vicar
8Vico Moreno AntonioAL1508U14Roquetas
9Gutierrez Gutierrez CarlosAL1474U14Ejido
10Cabrera Valverde CristinaAL1462U10Roquetas
11Ortega Fernandez MariaAL1448U14Circulo
12Rodriguez Rodriguez DesireeAL1404U12Roquetas
13Gazquez Corral AlbaAL1377U10Frigan
14Conejo Sanchez AlejandroAL1374U10Roquetas
15Vico Moreno AngelAL1338U10Roquetas
16Tuset Sanchez AntonioAL1337U10Roquetas
17Cabrera Valverde Jose DavidAL1299U10Roquetas
18Romero Cruz JuanAL1266U8Roquetas
19Bretones Peña AndresAL1255U12Roquetas
20Ucles Lirola AngelaAL1248U10Vicar
21Gutierrez Ripoll MariaAL1241U16Ejido
22Gutierrez Gutierrez RobertoAL1226U8Ejido
23Escudero Martin RobertoESP0U16Vicar
24Gonzalvez Alfert DanielESP0U12La Mojonera
25Gutierrez Gutierrez Ana BelenESP0U10Ejido
26Martin Amezcua Eva MariaESP0U8La Mojonera
27Martin Amezcua MatiasESP0U10La Mojonera
28Chiva Sanchez NicolasESP0U8La Mojonera
29Herrero Martinez Manuel JesusESP0U14Vicar
30Moreno Lopez AvelinoESP0U10La Mojonera
31Rodriguez Vilchez AlbertoESP0U16Vicar
32Sanchez Garcia PatriciaESP0U12Frigan