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Torneo Rapido Bonao 2017 clase A

Last update 17.07.2017 04:42:31, Creator/Last Upload: roman jaquez adames

Starting rank

1Matos Nestor6403654DOM2073
2Ubinas Caba Franyely6403018DOM1968
3Reyes Perez Eury6416861DOM1946
4Martinez Bienvenido6404910DOM1934
5Collado Abreu Jonathan6405576DOM1836
6Del Monte Arias Leonardo6407714DOM1811
7Victoriano Niman2919DOM1782
8Abad Lor Delvin Wurson Chupan6405533DOM1781
9Aquino Lenny6412963DOM1704
10Cabrera JoelDOM2032
11Ceballos AdolfoDOM2014
12Vargas Huascar A.DOM2001
13Ramos Jose RaulDOM1981
14Paredes JulianDOM1960
15Adames TomasDOM1956
16Rosario Victor6413870DOM1950
17Cabrera Ediberto6402429DOM1907
18Paredes ArismendyDOM1889
19Rodriguez AridioDOM1852
20Ramos JulianDOM1808
21Beato JezleelDOM0
22Cabrera MelvisDOM0
23Contreras HectorDOM0