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U14 15. European Union Youth Championship

Last update 10.08.2017 12:39:44, Creator/Last Upload: hr. erich gigerl

Starting rank

1Malicka Maria1197576POL2118w
2Brilej Jaka14618818SLO2048
3Huynh Laurent238430BEL1990
4Slaba Andrea14940680SVK1972w
5Kirilov Ivaylo2921359BUL1969
6Juravle Mihnea-Marian1241966ROU1931
7Schernthaner David1649574AUT1848
8Bounlom Jannik1334930SUI1822
9Ruchko Denis2509318IRL1800
10Rosol Alexander1645730AUT1771
11Sleurs Juliette244988BEL1753w
12Kuhar Larisa14625504SLO1752w
13Pernerstorfer Max1657607AUT1704
14Chitakova Galya2920425BUL1641w
15Stern Urban14625148SLO1604
16Bevanda Ema14546159CRO1582w
17Stadlinger Matthias1656872AUT1569
18Shilkin Aleksei4507100EST1547
19Strobl Samuel1640577AUT1519
20Urbanc Tina14614359SLO1469w
21Stadlinger Lea1656848AUT1444w
22Schilay Maria12942979GER1365w
23Lazniewski Tadeusz21833737POL1325
24Jacoby Angelina12999008GER1216w
25Ni Laighleis Aisling2508460IRL1212w
26Rybacek Lukas23717270CZE0