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Bengali New Year FIDE Rating Chess Tournament 2017

Last update 14.07.2017 13:58:03, Creator/Last Upload: bangladesh chess federation

Starting rank

1CMGhosh Chanchal Kumer10201858BAN2212
2Md. Anowar Hossain Dulal10204580BAN1975
3Md.Mofakkhar Hossain Khan Kha10223134BAN1924
4Md. Shawket Bin Osman Shaon10216340BAN1889
5Ahmed Jahangir Babul10214232BAN1867
6Md. Masud Rana10216073BAN1860
8Ghosh Sumon Kumar10211896BAN1792
9Mohammad Hasan10203974BAN1791
10Yasir Arafat10223240BAN1783
11Shahriar Md.Salehin10213287BAN1760
12Billal Hossain10228071BAN1746
13Masum Rahi Md.10210717BAN1705
14Md. Sayed Ahmed10221948BAN1694
15Delwar Hossain10227741BAN1643
16Moydur Rahman Md. Mowdud10228950BAN1640
17Md.Hannan Uddin10223088BAN1539
18Anisur RahmanBAN0
19Md. Abbas Uddin KhanBAN0
20Md. Akram HossainBAN0
21Md. Habibur RahmanBAN0
22Md. Imran UddinBAN0
23Md. Kamal uddin BachuBAN0
24Md. Ruhul AminBAN0
25Md. Shahinur IslamBAN0