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2017 UK Chess Challenge: Northern Gigafinal Under 12 Boys

Last update 16.07.2017 19:15:14, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

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Starting rank

1Grozea Robert Georgel137Warwickshire
2Bowcott-Terry Finlay134Warwickshire
3Ther Mate134Yorkshire
4Lister Findlay L130Essex
5Gogia Armaan129Nottinghamshire
6Parry Samuel A127Derbyshire
7Jermy Jaden122Suffolk
8Roy Tom122Suffolk
9Cox Toby121West Anglia
10Dharmasena Gavith112West Anglia
11Hartman James110Scotland East
12Keil Jamie104Somerset
13Howlett Danny T102Gloucestershire
14Rehman Cameron102Staffordshire
15El Khoury Alexander99Yorkshire
16Sudhakar Vignesh96Northamptonshire
17Tipton James95Warwickshire
18Cooper Robert J93Staffordshire
19Maydew Zach93Staffordshire
20Mahmood Ihsaan92Teesside
21Tatar Anthony90Merseyside
22Hudson Frank85Merseyside
23Chopra Rohan83Middlesex
24Carroll James H80Merseyside
25Ganeshbabu Adarsharun76Berkshire
26Syposz Adam76West Anglia
27Carroll Jack66Cheshire
28Aggarwal Hemal49Warwickshire
29Smith Jude35Yorkshire
30Pope Daniel13Staffordshire
31Clowes Eammon7Staffordshire
32Glendinning Calum0Northern Ireland
33Hughes Gwilym0Pennine
34Jepson Matthew0Northumberland
35Westwood Kelan0Worcestershire
36White Jamie0Lancashire
37Bridges Jacob0Kent
38Bruce Alexander0Scotland East
39Clement-Doble Morgan0Lincolnshire
40Dadswell Ryan0Warwickshire
41Dlugosz Bartec0Derbyshire
42French Eathan0Yorkshire
43Gazerani-Lopez Daniel0Northumberland
44Jativa-Calle Jonathan0Northumberland
45Lin Nick0Northumberland
46Manoj Partheev0Northumberland
47Millward Benjy0Teesside
48Owens Cameron0Worcestershire
49Sankar Arjun0Cumberland
50Shetty Chirag0Scotland East
51Turnbull Cole0Scotland East
52Zailer-Fletcher Daniel0West Anglia