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2017 UK Chess Challenge: Northern Gigafinal Under 9 Girls

Last update 15.07.2017 19:59:37, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

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Starting rank

1Acharya Kandara84Bristol
2John Amy84Suffolk
3Li Joy Ching65Worcestershire
4Correa Rebecca62Pennine
5Arora Tashika57Wessex
6Martin Tia52Suffolk
7Sopalidi Iris S43Yorkshire
8Denisova Maria43Cheshire
9Howlett Edith29Gloucestershire
10Syed Hafsa1Northamptonshire
11Best-Solorzano Sara0Scotland East
12Blomeley Daisy0Cheshire
13Dines Caitlin0Scotland East
14Meng Hanzhi0Yorkshire
15Naresh Kumaar Sai Chinmayee0Northumberland
16Rasmussen Katie0West Anglia
17Rose Anna0Lancashire
18Shahameeran Ashika0South Wales
19Singh Anjali0Northern Ireland
20Slawson Christy Nin0Lincolnshire
21Veasey Evie0Teesside
22Bailey Isabella0Nottinghamshire
23Carroll Reene0Scotland East
24Costello Freya0Teesside
25Howarth Helen0Cheshire
26Iyengar Sriya0Middlesex
27Rao Ojal0Warwickshire
28Rousseau Amy0Scotland West
29Sanchez Margarita0Warwickshire
30Sugumar Paavana0Greater Manchester
31Supatan Dawn0Pennine
32Taylor Lyla0North Wales
33Taylor-Davies Erin0Mercia
34Tothill Carena0South Wales