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2017 UK Chess Challenge: Northern Gigafinal Under 9 Boys A

Last update 16.07.2017 15:21:18, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

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Starting rank

1Han Yichen183Northumberland
2Pilowsky Bankirer Yoav101West Anglia
3Stoeber Dylan88West Anglia
4Sandhu Manvith87Warwickshire
5Rudzenis Alex86Northumberland
6Wood Issac64Lancashire
7Vas Ethan55Warwickshire
8Gupta Roshan53Northumberland
9Jose Ritik47Warwickshire
10Chaudhry Imran29Lincolnshire
11Cooper Oliver26Warwickshire
12Chauhan Viraj21Northumberland
13Anthony Alex0Mercia
14Chopra Arun0Greater Manchester
15Fish Peter0Scotland North
16Harris Dexter0Northern Ireland
17Richards Alexander0Northamptonshire
18Wu Yuxuan0South Wales
19Acons Joseph0Derbyshire
20Allsopp Daniel0Nottinghamshire
21Ankolekar Aryan0Northamptonshire
22Bhat Pranjal0Cumberland
23Bolton Samuel0Teesside
24Brown Charlie0Nottinghamshire
25Coyle James0Scotland West
26Floyd Charles0Gloucestershire
27Hammond Oliver0Gloucestershire
28Hardman Elliott William0Pennine
29Kapoor Anant0Northamptonshire
30Little Billy0Gloucestershire
31Macmillan Alfred0Mercia
32Matthews-Asensio Tomas0Nottinghamshire
33Mehrotra Vardhan0Surrey
34Moss Zac0South Wales
35Mullan Oliver0Warwickshire
36Munshi Aryan0Scotland West
37Paulsen Zac0Cheshire
38Reyes Ixmael0Warwickshire
39Samworth Ben0Northamptonshire
40Sandhu Jeevan0Staffordshire
41Selvan Ajay0Teesside
42Singh Ark Sevak0Staffordshire
43Swamy Anshul0South Wales
44Szekely Benjamin0Lincolnshire
45Tate Oliver0Yorkshire
46Tzabari Ethan0Cheshire
47Vineeth Siddharth0Yorkshire
48Walton George0Merseyside
49Wani Haaziq0Warwickshire
50Williams Rhys0South Wales