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2017 UK Chess Challenge: Northern Gigafinal Under 8 Boys B

Last update 15.07.2017 19:10:30, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

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Starting rank

1Kent Rowan97Suffolk
2Usharovsky Tom89Surrey
3Howett Ralphie76Worcestershire
4Jaberansari Benjamin66South Wales
5Miles Evan50Northamptonshire
6Sharma Mihir49Northamptonshire
7Pal Rohan41Warwickshire
8Amir Zain16Warwickshire
9Drew Oliver0Nottinghamshire
10Fitzsimons Adam0Northern Ireland
11Jordan Sam0Yorkshire
12Mcghee Javid0Scotland East
13Nalawade Aryan0Teesside
14Newton Benjamin0Pennine
15Prabhakaran Nilesh0Lincolnshire
16Redmond Ben0Scotland North
17Beirne James0Greater Manchester
18Bezrucko Kenneth0Teesside
19Buthfer Zak0Cheshire
20Davidson Ciaran0Northumberland
21Epstein Jacob0Cheshire
22Evans Ruben0Nottinghamshire
23Goldsmith Max0Cheshire
24Jiang Ming0Warwickshire
25Kamath Om0Nottinghamshire
26Khan Kian0Surrey
27Khawaja Sulaiman0South Wales
28Loffhagen Griff0Gloucestershire
29Mcgrath Conor0Staffordshire
30Moat Alexander0Mercia
31Panday Amar0Worcestershire
32Paul Aditya0Teesside
33Prickett Thomas0South Wales
34Rathnam Rishi0Gloucestershire
35Stubbs Ryan0West Anglia
36Wood Freddie0Lancashire
37Young Matthew0West Anglia
38Zaveri Aditya0Scotland West