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2017 UK Chess Challenge: Northern Gigafinal Under 7 Boys

Last update 15.07.2017 19:39:32, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

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Starting rank

1Vadgama Arjun82Warwickshire
2Shearsby Jude68Warwickshire
3Frazier-Kim Adrian66Richmond
4Suthi Aaron24Warwickshire
5Correa Edward18Pennine
6Archer Theodore0Gloucestershire
7Burn Julian0Northumberland
8Dale-Hickey Freddie0Mercia
9Green Zachary0Teesside
10Harkanyi David0Merseyside
11Henry Cameron0Worcestershire
12Keil Nico0Somerset
13Olechowski Kuba0Merseyside
14Palanivel Raghav0Scotland East
15Quigley Jackson0Lincolnshire
16Richards David0Northamptonshire
17Singh Aaditya0Northern Ireland
18Yang-Turner Fraser0Yorkshire
19Aslam Zakariya0Warwickshire
20Balakrishnan Akil0Pennine
21Booth Leo0Pennine
22Freddy Aaron0Merseyside
23Green Toby0Northamptonshire
24Idan Tani0Greater Manchester
25Li Ethan Bingx0Middlesex
26Meade Owen Wiliam0South Wales
27Petri Georg0West Anglia
28Ray Rion0Northamptonshire
29Tejedor-Ferreras Alexander0Greater Manchester
30Wang Andy0North Wales
31Watson Oscar0Teesside
32Wilkinson Jack0Teesside