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Championnat Nationnal Scolaire U13 F (2004 et moin)

Last update 08.07.2017 23:46:20, Creator/Last Upload: mohamed adoui

Starting rank

1WCMAllal Feriel7910940ALG1416Bejaia
2WCMKati Imene7913745ALG1090Bejaia
3Amouri RayenALG0Annaba
4Aouachria Ramla7919115ALG0Constantine
5Chellia Malak sirineALG0Annaba
6Beghriche Selsabil7913664ALG0Constantine
7Boukahla Aya MaramALG0Alger
8Boukahla lyna ManelALG0Alger
9Chaabane lynaALG0Bejaia
10Chikh AyaALG0Annaba
11Djarroud ChahrazedALG0Bejaia
12Hadjout Ilina7917295ALG0Bejaia
13Bentbola SafaALG0Annaba
14Laloui AminaALG0Annaba
15Lazizi Naila7913443ALG0Alger
16Telmoune Lamia7915055ALG0Alger