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Chess for Ethiopia Renaissance

Last update 17.07.2017 16:09:26, Creator/Last Upload: dejen

Starting rank list of players

3FMMesfin Leykun15700097ETH2137
9CMFekadu Desalegn Jimma15700070ETH2098
1CMTadese Estube Haileselassie15700330ETH2070
2Al Turki Ahmed9400605YEM2026
7Tilahun Abel Mathewos15702391ETH1973
8Tsige Addisalem Temesgen15700160ETH1969
5Abie Tilahun Lemma15700542ETH0
4Getachew Michael15700267ETH0
6Shiferaw Yalemzewde Mekonnen15700470ETH0
10Tolu Behailu Workneh15702405ETH0