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Jablomka -Turnaj 2017

Last update 08.07.2017 21:30:47, Creator/Last Upload: slovak chess federation

Starting rank

1Gasper Peter14936500SVK2048Msk Trstena
2Palenik Jozef1191632POL1896Msk Trstena
3Drahula Jozef14924064SVK1820Msk Trstena
4Pazitny Michal14924463SVK1733Msk Trstena
5Zborek Antoni1191640POL1655
6Pazitny Miroslav14924471SVK1433Msk Trstena
7Macor Miroslav14924331SVK1335Msk Trstena
8Pazitna Gabriela14956900SVK1158Msk Trstena
9Pazitna Magdalena14956918SVK1154Msk Trstena
10Urbanovic Juraj14952360SVK1097Msk Trstena
11Budinsky Janpl0
12Palenik Alojzy1191624POL0
13Biel JózefPL0