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NÖ Weinviertler LIGA 2017/18

Last update 21.04.2018 05:27:19, Creator/Last Upload: nö.-schachverband

The best player per board: according percent

The minimum required number of games: 60%

Board 1
1FMHofmann Thomas Bsc2268SGM Zwerndorf-Matzen 181,36,524548
2FMBawart Markus2369SCU Altlichtenwarth 166,76,022759
3MKSadilek Maximilian2243SV Wolkersdorf 156,34,522088
Board 2
1Juraczka Franz Mag.2120SCU Altlichtenwarth 181,36,523068
2CMTeuber Andreas2173SGM Zwerndorf-Matzen 170,07,0224010
3Seidler Dieter1971SGM Bisamberg/Korneuburg 256,34,519958
4Schmid Thomas DI.Dr.2068SV Wolkersdorf 155,65,021339
5Hecko Dusan2076SV Mistelbach 250,04,520579
6Blaha Petr Ing.2056SV Mistelbach 245,04,5199210
7CMPiringer Florian MMag.2113SV Stockerau 237,53,020758
Board 3
1Oberhuber Alexander2061SCU Altlichtenwarth 161,15,520629
2Nemetz Markus1981SGM Zwerndorf-Matzen 156,34,519738
3Stanivukovic Drago1922SV Stockerau 250,04,018858
4Leupold Christian Mag.1882SV Stockerau 231,32,517368
5Spörk Rainer1929SV Wolkersdorf 116,71,017156
Board 4
1Pribitzer Stefan1936SCU Altlichtenwarth 181,36,520548
2Hirsch Andreas1890SGM Zwerndorf-Matzen 178,65,520067
3Sukopp Karl DI.1921SGM Zwerndorf-Matzen 171,45,019897
4Pfeiffer Gerhard Dr.1867SGM Zwerndorf-Matzen 164,34,519237
5Lahofer Christian1765SV Wolkersdorf 144,44,018629
6Wetzenkircher Markus1895SCU Altlichtenwarth 143,83,517818
7Artner Martin Dr.DI.1765SV Mistelbach 235,03,5177610
Board 5
1Birg Jovan1776SV Stockerau 256,34,518108
2Schmid Christoph1718SV Wolkersdorf 125,02,016228
3Kindl Christian Mag.1633SV Mistelbach 216,71,015446