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Last update 21.07.2017 22:34:41, Creator/Last Upload: spanish chess federation (licence 491)

Starting rank

1Aranaz Portugues Jose Carlos2274710SE2172Club Ajedrez Alekhine Espartin
2Pyrich George2400472AL1925Club Ajedrez Reverte Minerals
3Mena Hernandez Diego22260226AL1838Club Ajedrez Reverte Minerals
4Oller Martinez Francisco Jose32022581AL1527Club Ajedrez Reverte Minerals
5Aranega Navarro Francisco24551430AL1346Club Ajedrez Reverte Minerals
6Martinez Ruiz Jose3204042301346Lorca
7Clemente Garcia Cristobal24513105AL1232Club Ajedrez Reverte Minerals
8Murillo Martin Matilde24546097SE1151Club Ajedrez Alekhine Espartin
9Lopez Soler Jose Antonio32020392AL1141Club Ajedrez Reverte Minerals
10Rodriguez Duran AlbertoESP1048Baza
11Gomez Pardo JavierAL1005Albox
12Haro Garcia Manuel24582727AL966Club Ajedrez Reverte Minerals
13Flores Parra IsabelESP0Huercal-Overa
14Flores Parra RamonESP0Huercal-Overa
15Garcia Navarro Jesus MiguelESP0Reverte Minerals
16Garcia Ortega AgustinESP0Huercal-Overa
17Mena Rueda PaulaESP0Huercal-Overa
18Moreno Lopez Jose ManuelESP0Huercal-Overa
19Rojas Ramos DomingoESP0Huercal-Overa
20Sanchez Rodriguez JoseESP0Huercal-Overa
21Soler Fernandez AndresESP0Cuevas del Almanzora
22Soler Navarro AndresESP0Cuevas del Almanzora
23Garcia Martinez Joaquin32062982AL1277Olula del Rio
24Gomez Bonillo DomingoESP0Albox