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Mayeso & Muleso Women 2017

Last update 11.07.2017 00:36:44, Creator/Last Upload: gilton mkumbwa

Starting rank list of players

1Mpinganjira Ellen16400054MAW1433
2Gondwe Vitumbiko16400186MAW1402
3Nkhoma Desiderata20500327MAW1402
4WCMFarnela Nuzela14800292MOZ1366
5Tembo Milika8707898ZAM1354
6Msukwa Tupokiwe20500459MAW1244
7Chazemba Lucy20500351MAW1087
8Chima Karen20501153MAW0
9Polepole Upile2050446MAW0
10Sitoe Sheila14800470MOZ0