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Wiener Vereinsmeisterschaft 2017/2018 2. Klasse Nord

Last update 18.03.2018 11:54:10, Creator/Last Upload: wiener schachverband (ta)

The best player per board: according percent

The minimum required number of games: 60%

Board 1
1Wimmer Karl1882Sv Sandleiten41,72,516956
Board 2
1Kovacevic Raimund Mag.1687Sg Aljechin-Wieden64,34,518377
2Reif Werner DI.1753Sv Klosterneuburg58,33,517756
3Mick Johann1626I. Simmeringer Sk7,10,513287
Board 3
1Scheuch Johann1516Sv Floridsdorf64,34,516427
2Hoeglinger Rainer DI.1628Sv Klosterneuburg64,34,517367
3Stichlberger Tim1344Sv Bg 1658,33,515986
4Lager Johannes1638I. Simmeringer Sk57,14,016447
5Martinides Michael Ing.1514Sc Donaustadt57,14,015997
6Gockner Hans1654Sc Donaustadt21,41,513617
Board 4
1Lager Johannes jun.1722I. Simmeringer Sk75,04,517406
2Vogl Walter Mag.1611Sv Klosterneuburg71,45,016757
3Brunner Richard1339Sg Aljechin-Wieden58,33,515376
4Schreib Christian1611Währinger Sk56,34,514758
5Penthor Adolf DI.1527I. Simmeringer Sk50,03,014876
6Sellinger Ronald1507Sv Sandleiten41,72,513706
Board 5
1Weber Niels1151Sv Bg 1683,35,017086
2Ring Johann1434Sv Klosterneuburg57,14,014127
3Fremel Johannes1487Sv Floridsdorf41,72,513316
Board 6
1Lapesch Hannes1384Sv Klosterneuburg66,74,013616
2Schmied Kurt1577Währinger Sk28,62,011357