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Wiener Betriebsmeisterschaft 2017/2018 C-Liga

Last update 30.03.2018 17:06:28, Creator/Last Upload: wiener schachverband (ta)

The best player per board: according percent

The minimum required number of games: 60%

Board 1
1Mayer Thomas2047Sg Schwarze Dame / Wombat 236266,76,021889
2FMBawart Markus2402Sk Allianz Elementar Wien57,14,021257
Board 2
1FMPingitzer Harald2312Sk Allianz Elementar Wien83,37,522809
2Miazhynski Yuri2104Sg Verbund / Vhp - Omv75,04,522326
3WFMHorvath Maria1991Ksv Wien Schachsektion50,04,020758
4Zsifkovits Peter DI.2031Ksv Wien Schachsektion44,44,020049
5Haberberger Ernst2065Sg Bbsv / Sk Herndl43,83,520068
6Boisseau Antoine1989Sg Schwarze Dame / Wombat 236242,93,019607
7Zanon Magnus19961. Wbsc41,72,520356
8Allram Sebastian2015Unicredit Bank Austria38,93,520169
9Seiz Theo Mag.1982Volksbanken33,33,019659
10Schabata Wolfgang Mag.1978Unicredit Bank Austria33,32,019416
11Molnar Attila DI.1943Siemens Wien28,62,019077
12Bojanovsky Milan Ing.1963Siemens Wien18,81,518038
Board 3
1Schmid Andreas Mag.2087Tu Wien78,65,522527
2Pichler Andreas2057Sg Verbund / Vhp - Omv68,85,521448
3Thanner Daniel2048Tu Wien58,33,520896
4Reimitzer Wolfgang2161Sg Bbsv / Sk Herndl50,04,019688
5Schweitzer Werner2028Sg Schwarze Dame / Wombat 236241,72,519586
6Schmidt Michael1911Volksbanken38,93,519309
7Kahlbacher Helmut Dr.1903Siemens Wien38,93,519149
8WMKLandl Margot19491. Wbsc31,32,518588
9Filler Johann Mag.1867Volksbanken27,82,518559
Board 4
1Oberhuber Alexander2042Sk Allianz Elementar Wien72,26,520879
2Bartos Miloslav2117Sk Allianz Elementar Wien68,85,521188
3Eller Martin DI1940Sg Verbund / Vhp - Omv61,15,520429
4Mayer Peter1848Siemens Wien57,14,020577
5MKBachofner Christian1983Ksv Wien Schachsektion50,04,019488
6Mad Gerhard1974Unicredit Bank Austria43,83,519108
7Boehm Gerhard1945Sg Schwarze Dame / Wombat 236241,72,518766
8Posch Thomas1804Volksbanken35,72,518377
9Sepetavc Walter18881. Wbsc33,32,018446
Board 5
1Wandl Werner Mag.2006Sk Allianz Elementar Wien56,34,518918
2Führer Werner1871Unicredit Bank Austria50,04,019348
3Wieser Andreas1951Sg Verbund / Vhp - Omv50,04,018678
4Stummer Walter1961Sg Bbsv / Sk Herndl50,03,019376
5Brüll Georg Mag.2044Ksv Wien Schachsektion50,03,019306
6Reisinger Heinz DI.1820Siemens Wien41,72,517796
7Zauner Christoph1996Tu Wien41,72,518926
8Molnar Bertalan1734Siemens Wien28,62,017297
9Bechmann Gerhard1970Sg Bbsv / Sk Herndl25,01,517346
Board 6
1Kristof Kaweh1849Sg Schwarze Dame / Wombat 236235,72,518147