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Finala GPJ B12+F12

Last update 17.01.2010 18:29:00, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 14)

Starting rank list of players

1IToma Radu-CristianROU2067
2ISecheres Adrian-SimionROU1793
3IRadulescu Vlad-AlexandruROU1761
4IMiroi Robert-AndreiROU1749
5ICovaci Mihai-FlorinROU1704
6IGraur Andrei-AlexandruROU1692
8ICiungan Diana-AlexandraROU1652
7ICosman Andreea-MarioaraROU1468
9IIMuresan Mihai-AlexandruROU1452
10INeagu Mihai-CosminROU868
11IHenchel Ana-Maria-CristinaROU638
12IITurcuman Dragos-MihaiROU568