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Commonwealth Chess Championships 2017 Under-14 OPEN

Last update 10.07.2017 10:40:22, Creator/Last Upload: delhi chess association

Final Ranking crosstable after 7 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1FMErigaisi Arjun2324IND 22b1 8w½ 19b1 3w1 11b1 2w½ 5b16,00,529,032,5
2Sankalp Gupta2255IND 42b1 17w1 16b1 12w1 4b½ 1b½ 6w16,00,528,029,5
3Banerjee Ashutosh1826IND 35w½ 27b1 26w1 1b0 21w1 10b1 13w15,50,023,526,0
4FMMohammad Fahad Rahman2275BAN 27w1 7b1 13w½ 15b1 2w½ 6b0 12w15,00,028,031,0
5CMKushagra Mohan2003IND 24w1 6b1 12w0 14b1 18w1 7b1 1w05,00,027,531,0
6Mohamed Anees M1830IND 28b1 5w0 30b1 9w1 15b1 4w1 2b05,00,027,530,5
7Aan Sikka1877IND 29b1 4w0 23b1 20w1 12b1 5w0 14w15,00,024,527,5
8Alok Sinha1874IND 37w1 1b½ 18w½ 10b½ 26w1 13b½ 9w½4,50,025,528,0
9Moksh Amit Doshi2154IND 31w1 12b0 25w1 6b0 24w1 11w1 8b½4,50,024,527,5
10Anadkat Kartavya1795IND 20b1 16w0 29b1 8w½ 19b1 3w0 18b+4,50,024,527,5
11Subash Mathivanan1707IND 36w1 35b1 15w½ 13b1 1w0 9b0 20w14,50,024,526,5
12Akshit Kumar J1844IND 39b1 9w1 5b1 2b0 7w0 22w1 4b04,00,029,031,0
13Vrandesh Parekh1883IND 30b1 21w1 4b½ 11w0 16b1 8w½ 3b04,00,027,030,0
14Liyanage Ranindu Dilshan1822SRI 44b+ 15b0 24w1 5w0 30b1 17w1 7b04,00,024,527,5
15Aditya Basu2015IND 25b1 14w1 11b½ 4w0 6w0 19b½ 27w14,00,024,527,5
16Samdani Sahil Sagar1889IND 33w1 10b1 2w0 21b½ 13w0 23b½ 28w14,00,024,027,0
17Dhanush Ragav1830IND 32w1 2b0 31w1 18b0 25w1 14b0 26w14,00,022,525,5
18Mumukshu Mittal1732IND 41b1 19w½ 8b½ 17w1 5b0 20w½ 10w-3,50,025,026,5
19Shyam Prasad Reddy K1882IND 43w1 18b½ 1w0 23b1 10w0 15w½ 21b½3,50,025,026,0
20Dhirain Vij1174IND 10w0 33b1 43w1 7b0 27w1 18b½ 11b03,50,023,524,5
21Benjamin Varghees Issac1763IND 40w1 13b0 32w1 16w½ 3b0 26b½ 19w½3,50,023,024,5
22Harshit Arya1703IND 1w0 37b1 34w1 26b0 28w1 12b0 23w½3,50,022,525,0
23Ranadheer B J S K1802IND 34w1 26b½ 7w0 19w0 42b1 16w½ 22b½3,50,022,023,5
24Nachiketh Adiga1475IND 5b0 28w1 14b0 36w1 9b0 29w½ 35b13,50,021,523,5
25Samarth Mittal1491IND 15w0 44b+ 9b0 41w1 17b0 32b½ 34w13,50,021,022,5
26Joy Pankaj Shah1909IND 38b1 23w½ 3b0 22w1 8b0 21w½ 17b03,00,024,527,0
27Pallie Tuan Ehshan1703SRI 4b0 3w0 39b1 29w1 20b0 37w1 15b03,00,023,525,5
28Jai Mehtani1345IND 6w0 24b0 33w1 31b1 22b0 38w1 16b03,00,022,024,5
29Siddhant Nath Jha1448IND 7w0 36b1 10w0 27b0 43w1 24b½ 31w½3,00,020,521,5
30Cyrus Chhikara1452IND 13w0 40b1 6w0 35b1 14w0 34b0 43b13,00,019,520,5
31Govender Eli Jordan1544RSA 9b0 39w1 17b0 28w0 38b½ 42w1 29b½3,00,019,020,5
32Mehul Gupta1349IND 17b0 42w1 21b0 38w½ 37b½ 25w½ 33w½3,00,018,520,0
33Bokade Chinmay1464IND 16b0 20w0 28b0 39w1 40b1 35w½ 32b½3,00,018,019,5
34Aryan Jaiswal1224IND 23b0 38w1 22b0 42w0 41b1 30w1 25b03,00,017,018,5
35Patel Maharshi1331IND 3b½ 11w0 41b½ 30w0 36b1 33b½ 24w02,50,021,523,0
36Bistoe Angelo0SEY 11b0 29w0 -1 24b0 35w0 40w1 37b½2,50,018,019,5
37Pankaj Arora1443IND 8b0 22w0 42b½ 43b1 32w½ 27b0 36w½2,50,017,518,5
38Abel Saju Chazhoor1473IND 26w0 34b0 40w1 32b½ 31w½ 28b0 39w½2,50,017,018,5
39Dhevcharran Kahill1429RSA 12w0 31b0 27w0 33b0 -1 41w1 38b½2,50,017,018,0
40Sahil Jamal Ansari1169IND 21b0 30w0 38b0 -1 33w0 36b0 42w12,00,015,517,0
41Shah Het D1130IND 18w0 43b½ 35w½ 25b0 34w0 39b0 -12,00,015,516,5
42Rakesh N1569IND 2w0 32b0 37w½ 34b1 23w0 31b0 40b01,50,021,022,5
43Sze-To Jonas1449AUS 19b0 41w½ 20b0 37w0 29b0 -1 30w01,50,017,018,0
44Mouhurtik Ray1231IND 14w- 25w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,016,517,5

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)