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2017 Summer Classic Chess Tournament @ Mississauga Chess Club - Premier Section

Last update 03.08.2017 11:00:56, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 21)

Starting rank

1Brajkovic Nikola2616564CAN2009ON
2Gillanders Robert2606968CAN1771ON
3Supsup Ferdinand2614030CAN1739ON
4Liao Joseph2626772CAN1674ON
5Perry GordCAN1650ON
6Benggawan Undriadi2627973CAN1639ON
7Cabioc Jose2613506CAN1609ON
8Abdelmalek FadyCAN1599ON
9Bhanji Zaynah2620197CAN1590ON
10Bergeron FlorianCAN1586ON
11Liu Henry2628597CAN1547ON
12Tomic BenCAN1540ON
13Pulgarin JulianCAN1473ON
14Liu ShixiongCAN1414ON
15Bhanji Areez2619075CAN1390ON
16Srinivas Atharva2623900CAN1383ON
17Ran Xiaoyu (charles)CAN1300ON
18Liu RayCAN1270ON
19Wang AndrewCAN1196ON
20Singh Malhar2628686CAN1725ON
21Atanasov Anthony2623897CAN1823ON