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2017 Summer Classic Chess Tournament @ Mississauga Chess Club - Amateur Section

Last update 03.08.2017 10:57:24, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 21)

Starting rank

1Gajelli AryanCAN1348ON
2Xiang Christopher2629534CAN1271ON
3Cao BruceCAN1200ON
4Wan JerryCAN1185ON
5Prema SamCAN1183ON
6Sun KevinCAN1142ON
7Bragg JamesCAN1138ON
8Moscatel JanuarioCAN1086ON
9Zhang JonathanCAN1064ON
10Lodhi RayyanCAN1053ON
11Liu BenjaminCAN1052ON
12Mehra AtulCAN1036ON
13Shen DerekCAN985ON
14Surya TotoCAN979ON
15Qu EdisonCAN965ON
16Yu Michael (han Yang)CAN964ON
17Shen WilliamCAN955ON
18Liu GloriaCAN954ON
19Dong LeoCAN935ON
20Surya DaniaCAN918ON
21Mehta VirenCAN917ON
22Ran SeanCAN906ON
23Zhang RainCAN838ON
24Liao JodieCAN800ON
25Chen RichardCAN772ON
26Ran AliceCAN690ON
27Chen AlinaCAN670ON
28Cheng AdamCAN564ON
29Zhang HuntCAN500ON
30Liao JocelynCAN402ON
31Tomic PhilipCAN0ON
32Tuong TruongCAN0ON
33Lee HienCAN0ON
34Singh HarpreetCAN1022ON
35Chung PhilipCAN0ON
36Le Van VuongCAN0ON
37Salem HazemCAN1100ON
38Bawa RitikaCAN0ON