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Unplug & Play Blitz Championship 2 (FIDE rated)

Last update 16.07.2017 19:34:16, Creator/Last Upload: motochessv

Starting rank list of players

3GOHIL Mehul10800999KEN2066Nairobi Chess Club
2FMSIJENYI Stephen Ouma10800824KEN2009Equity Bank
10METHU Joseph Muragu10804714KEN1934Kenya Commercial Bank
6CMRAMESH Vasanth10808361KEN1844Anchor Chess Club
5SANG Ricky10802185KEN1818Kenya Commercial Bank
12KIDULA Brian10801405KEN1788
1KANYIRI Eric10806865KEN1754
9SINOYA Evans10806024KEN1641
11CHRISTIE Karan Renold10802339KEN1634Nairobi Chess Club
8KIAMA Mathew10804900KEN1504
4CHEGE Kairu10806830KEN0
7OMBOGA Joseph Makori10808809KEN0Anchor Chess Club