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Scottish Championship & International Open

Last update 25.07.2017 19:12:53, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd TB1  TB2 
1GMMAKSIMENKO Andrei2484UKR 37w1 12b1 2w1 5b½ 6w1 7b1 4w½ 3b½ 15b17,52571
2FMWALL Tim P2242ENG 69b1 46w1 1b0 25w½ 36b1 51w1 15b1 4b1 3w½7,02416
3GMKORNEEV Oleg2563ESP 29b1 19w1 14b½ 13w1 4w½ 17b1 5b½ 1w½ 2b½6,52456
4GMHEBDEN Mark L2477ENG 39b1 25w1 11b1 7w1 3b½ 5w1 1b½ 2w0 9b½6,52449
5GMGORMALLY Daniel W2462ENG 60w1 26b1 16w1 1w½ 8b1 4b0 3w½ 22b1 6w½6,52435
6ABDULLA Murad2284SCO 32b½ 40w1 36b1 14w1 1b0 18w½ 13b1 11w1 5b½6,52326
7FMBRITTON Richard L2185ENG 31w1 48b1 10w1 4b0 20w1 1w0 18b½ 33b1 14w16,52319
8FMBAUM Bernd Dr.2267GER 28b½ 68w1 52b1 51w½ 5w0 23b1 24w½ 16b1 13b16,52238
9WIMHAVLIKOVA Kristyna2274CZE 35w½ 30b1 20w½ 22b½ 33w1 24b½ 17w1 14b½ 4w½6,02254
10IMMCKAY Roderick M2326SCO 27b1 33w1 7b0 32w1 18b½ 13w0 52b1 19w½ 22b16,02167
11GRANT Jonathan I M2187SCO 63w1 53b1 4w0 38b1 17w0 44b1 26w1 6b0 23w16,02151
12DUKE Michael2052SCO 41b1 1w0 39b½ 64w1 32b1 14w0 28b½ 47w1 27b16,02012
13FMSTOREY Charles H2214ENG 45w1 22b½ 44w1 3b0 34w1 10b1 6w0 20b1 8w05,52213
14MACQUEEN Calum2246SCO 49w1 34b1 3w½ 6b0 22w½ 12b1 38w1 9w½ 7b05,52195
15FMBERRY Neil2302SCO 48w0 57b1 39w1 25b1 16b1 2w0 24b1 1w05,52170
16FINDLAY David John2164SCO 62b1 59w1 5b0 46w1 51b½ 15w0 29b1 8w0 26w15,52164
17BONNER Gerald2129SCO 43b1 52w½ 54b½ 27w1 11b1 3w0 9b0 18w1 19b½5,52144
18IMORR Mark J L2140IRL 38w1 55b½ 22w½ 53b1 10w½ 6b½ 7w½ 17b0 37w15,52102
19SMITH Peter R2062SCO 61w1 3b0 60w½ 49b1 45w½ 53b½ 34w1 10b½ 17w½5,52073
20CMGREEN Andrew D2065SCO 68b½ 28w1 9b½ 54w1 7b0 52w½ 32b1 13w0 35b15,52018
21MILTON Carl1774SCO 32w0 43b½ 58b1 23w0 68w½ 64b1 54w1 46b15,51858
22KOEHN Lennart1989SCO 50b1 13w½ 18b½ 9w½ 14b½ 27w1 51b1 5w0 10w05,02171
23MCKERRACHER Douglas1930SCO 57w½ 64b0 68w1 21b1 8w0 53b1 52w1 11b05,02074
24LOTHIAN Robert2108SCO 64b1 54w½ 32b0 40w1 29b1 9w½ 8b½ 15w0 25b½5,02041
25DUNN Alan2039NZL 70w1 4b0 48w1 2b½ 15w0 38b0 55w1 39b1 24w½5,02029
26CMSCHMITZ Andreas Arnold2023GER 42b1 5w0 27b0 62w1 69b1 37w1 11b0 28w1 16b05,01985
27DOYLE James1850SCO 10w0 70b1 26w1 17b0 47w1 22b0 44w1 38b1 12w05,01955
28SPANTON Tim R1821ENG 8w½ 20b0 65w1 34b0 63w1 46b1 12w½ 26b0 41w15,01945
29IRVING Neil1889SCO 3w0 63b½ 58w1 55b1 24w0 61b1 16w0 30b½ 45w15,01906
30AIMWARD Andrew1787SCO 9w0 56b1 36w0 52b½ 62w1 54b½ 29w½ 47b15,01864
31CONNOLLY SAMS Lukah1729SCO 7b0 74w1 46b0 57w1 53w0 60b0 59w1 55b1 40b15,01862
32SMITH Callum1837SCO 6w½ 21b1 24w1 10b0 12w0 55b1 20w0 34b0 53w14,52010
33SHAFI Declan2013SCO 65w1 10b0 45w½ 60b1 9b0 40w1 56b1 7w0 -04,51980
34GRAY Euan1994SCO 56b1 14w0 62b½ 28w1 13b0 42w1 19b0 32w1 -04,51930
35MITCHELL Jeremy J1831SCO 9b½ 51w0 68b½ 42w½ 70b1 54w½ 37b½ 53w1 20w04,51881
36BORWELL Alan P1938SCO 58b1 6w0 30b1 2w0 56w0 43b1 42w1 -04,51876
37MATTHEW Ian G1887ENG 1b0 41w0 67w1 -1 64b1 26b0 35w½ 56w1 18b04,51670
38VOLLAND Ben1723SCO 18b0 76w1 59b1 11w0 46b1 25w1 14b0 27w0 -04,01977
39WFMSCHMITZ Manuela1874GER 4w0 61b1 12w½ 15b0 55w0 65b1 58w1 25w0 42b½4,01815
40CLAVERO ALARCON Jose Miguel1832ESP 6b0 63w1 24b0 65w1 33b0 61w½ 44b1 31w04,01805
41LAMPARD Alice1595SCO 12w0 37b1 53w0 48b1 44w0 49b½ 45w½ 63b1 28b04,01799
42CARROLL Peter1563IRL 26w0 60b0 71w1 35b½ 49w1 34b0 48w1 36b0 39w½4,01790
43KEARSLEY Raymond J1715ENG 17w0 73b½ 21w½ 47b0 57w½ 50b1 36w0 65b1 59w½4,01785
44EMERY Keith1898SCO 57b½ 66w1 13b0 69w½ 41b1 11w0 27b0 40w0 63w14,01784
45DAWSON Euan1784SCO 13b0 50w1 33b½ 52w0 19b½ 64w½ 41b½ 66w1 29b04,01767
46RUTHERFORD William1993SCO 47w1 2b0 31w1 16b0 38w0 28w0 62b1 61b1 21w04,01765
47FLOOD Raymond1464SCO 46b0 62w0 76b1 43w1 27b0 69w1 60w1 12b0 30w04,01761
48PAUL Rabindra1841SCO 15b1 7w0 25b0 41w0 68b0 73w1 42b0 70w1 58w14,01724
49SMITH Stephen H1794SCO 14b0 56w½ 66b1 19w0 42b0 41w½ 63b0 74w1 61b14,01614
50LE FEUVRE Gwenole1414FRA 22w0 45b0 61w0 74b1 66b½ 43w0 70b½ 67w1 64b14,01382
51SPENCER Edwin A2122SCO 58w½ 35b1 55w1 8b½ 16w½ 2b0 22w0 -0 -03,51961
52JENNINGS Richard1913SCO 67w1 17b½ 8w0 45b1 30w½ 20b½ 10w0 23b0 -03,51937
53LE DUIGOU Goulven1916FRA 74b1 11w0 41b1 18w0 31b1 19w½ 23w0 35b0 32b03,51824
54PARKS Joseph1891SCO 71w1 24b½ 17w½ 20b0 61w½ 35b½ 30w½ 21b0 -03,51791
55WALKOWIAK Adam1705SCO 76b1 18w½ 51b0 29w0 39b1 32w0 25b0 31w0 69b13,51780
56KHOO-THWE Louis1507NOR 34w0 49b½ 30w0 67b1 59w1 36b1 33w0 37b0 -03,51769
57ARCOT Pranav624SCO 44w½ 23b½ 15w0 31b0 43b½ 63w½ 69b½ 64w½ 65w½3,51731
58ZAMVAR Vipin1651SCO 51b½ 36w0 29b0 21w0 71b1 70w1 39b0 69w1 48b03,51701
59SVENSSON Lars-Ake1937SWE 73w1 16b0 38w0 61b0 56b0 74w1 31b0 62w1 43b½3,51517
60WFMDURNO Joy1871SCO 5b0 42w1 19b½ 33w0 62b½ 31w1 47b0 -0 -03,01894
61ROBERTSON Jim1633SCO 19b0 39w0 50b1 59w1 54b½ 29w0 40b½ 46w0 49w03,01726
62MCQUILLAN Stephen G1726SCO 16w0 47b1 34w½ 26b0 60w½ 30b0 46w0 59b0 77b13,01653
63MACRAE James S1645SCO 11b0 29w½ 40b0 66w1 28b0 57b½ 49w1 41w0 44b03,01644
64HARROLD Bruce T1645SCO 24w0 71b1 23w1 12b0 37w0 45b½ 21w0 57b½ 50w03,01620
65SMITH Rachel Lorna1529SCO 33b0 69w½ 28b0 73w1 40b0 39w0 74b1 43w0 57b½3,01426
66MCKAY Jonathan1406SCO 44b0 49w0 63b0 50w½ 67b1 71w1 45b0 -03,01323
67SARAVANAN Pranav667SCO 52b0 72w½ 37b0 56w0 73b½ 66w0 76b1 50b0 74w13,0825
68CONSTANCE Tom1639SCO 20w½ 8b0 35w½ 23b0 48w1 21b½ -0 -0 -02,51853
69DAWSON Alastair1793SCO 2w0 65b½ 73w1 44b½ 26w0 47b0 57w½ 58b0 55w02,51560
70DORIS Peter1575SCO 25b0 27w0 74b1 35w0 58b0 50w½ 48b0 -02,01380
71SUBRAMANIAM Anish410SCO 54b0 64w0 42b0 58w0 76w1 66b0 -0 -01,5828
72ROSE Keith S0SCO -0 67b½ -0 -0 -0 -0 73b1 -0 -01,50
73MCCULLOCH Andrew1099SCO 59b0 43w½ 69b0 65b0 67w½ 48b0 72w0 -0 -01,01397
74WILSON Tai1048SCO 53w0 31b0 70w0 50w0 76b1 59b0 65w0 49b0 67b01,0899
75HUGHES Lloyd1821SCO -0 -0 -0 76w1 -0 -0 -0 -0 -01,00
76SUBRAMANIAM Ananth237SCO 55w0 38b0 47w0 75b0 74w0 71b0 67w0 -0 -00,0950
77Kanodia Charvi0SCO -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 62w00,00

Tie Break1: points (game-points)
Tie Break2: Performance (variable with parameter)

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