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Hakodate Chess School 2017 Aug

Last update 19.08.2017 04:49:26, Creator/Last Upload: testversion

Starting rank

1Yamada AkihiroJPN1958Hakodate
2Kanazawa KenichiJPN1885Hakodate
3Shibuya KaiseiJPN1681Hakodate
4Kinjo RunaJPN1498Hakodate
5Kinjo YasuhiroJPN1503Hakodate
6Kinjo ToyaJPN1368Hakodate
7Kimotsuki TokihoJPN1088Hakodate
8Kimura YuseiJPN1076Hakodate
9Kudo EitoJPN959Hakodate
10Kobayashi HinataJPN909Hakodate
11Kobayashi YukaJPN1022Hakodate
12Kudo SonosukeJPN1071Hakodate
13Nakagawa HirakuJPN939Hakodate
14Takahashi MaotoJPN944Hakodate
15Anzai KazumaJPN867Hakodate
16Takahashi MakotoJPN901Hakodate
17Kimotsuki TomohiJPN823Hakodate
18Kimura AkaneJPN800Hakodate
19Kudo SerinaJPN800Hakodate
20Katsumata KaiJPN0Hakodate
21Yamada YukiyaJPN803Hakodate