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Championnat 2017 RAPID PHASE 1 Centre Cat.B - 2e Journée

Last update 26.06.2017 16:29:57, Creator/Last Upload: cameroon chess-federation

Starting rank

1Dasmat FocartCMR1600
2Djatché BertinCMR1600
3Elessa AlphonseCMR1600Yaounde Chess Club
4Enone Guy-ValerCMR1600
5Magne SylvianeCMR1600
6Mayang PascalCMR1600
7Mbaale Biakolo MichaelCMR1600
8Ndong Owona HubertCMR1600
9Nkumba MaximeCMR1600
10Ntoh HerveCMR1600
11Tabue Wafo CedricCMR1600Yaounde Chess Club
12Tchouli FredericCMR1600
13Tchuengue EmmanuelCMR1600