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2017 Central American and Caribbean Championship Under 20

Last update 27.06.2017 19:31:42, Creator/Last Upload: bcf1981

Starting rank

1IMLopez Gonzalez Abel Fabian3512673CUB2351
2FMAmpie Mauro6101623NCA2327
3FMHusbands Orlando11103477BAR2285
4FMJimenez Garcia Emmanuel A6504779CRC2227
5FMFuentes Adrian6600875PAN2223
6FMPoon Yu Tien11101393BAR2197
7FMJohnson Joshua7700768TTO2192
8FMMc Intosh Isaiah7703791TTO2166
9Rodriguez German Enrique4411080COL2074
10Ramoutar Alan-Safar7704224TTO2002
11Prescod Bryan11101660BAR1975
12Harewood Jerome11101733BAR1841
13Prade Cedric8201358SUR1832
14Lopez Fabian7301421GUA1823
15Panchoe Pratul8201668SUR1777
16Mahtani Nitin11102870BAR1592
17Rochester Ronaldo11103841BAR1589
18Edwards Emar11103345BAR1570
19CMSandiford Leigh11102543BAR1438
20Maughn Shane11103310BAR1363
21Sargeant Cody11102594BAR1333
22Ali Saeed Anwar19700512GUY0