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South Zone Chess Carnival 2017- GOpen

Last update 22.06.2017 14:38:29, Creator: singapore chess federation,Last Upload: arlan cabe

Starting rank

1Ang Xing Ying FaithSGP0
2Barber Yuki NatalieSGP0
3Chee Ke ShiSGP0
4Chiah Jia Ying CherrlynSGP0
5Goh Dai TingSGP0
6Ho Min Fei ShyannSGP0
7Jain ArchishaSGP0
8Koh Wei Shi IsabelSGP0
9Lau Zi Yu LaurenSGP0
10Loh Wern Sea CadenceSGP0
11Mak Wy-EnSGP0
12Nag SonakshiSGP0
13Shah Lubna MaryamSGP0
14Sim Yi ShanSGP0
15Teo Xuan EnSGP0
16Wong Sze Yun ReanneSGP0
17Chua PenelopeSGP0