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South Zone Chess Carnival 2017 - GU8

Last update 22.06.2017 14:30:19, Creator: singapore chess federation,Last Upload: arlan cabe

Starting rank

1Chua AmeliaSGP0
2Chua En Hui GracieSGP0
3Heng Min Kit ClareSGP0
4Kher Pei XuanSGP0
5Kong Zi Yee BeatriceSGP0
6Kwok Xin Ru KalistaSGP0
7Leo Rui Xi GyselleSGP0
8Low Rui NIng ReanneSGP0
9Ng Jia Yu ChloeSGP0
10Tan Ying XiSGP0
11Tong Rui Sze ClaraSGP0
12Yee Yan WanSGP0
13Yeo Ghim Suan MeganSGP0
14Zhang Kai XinSGP0
15Chia Choy AnnSGP0