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Silvestrovský turnaj A

Last update 29.12.2009 15:14:05, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of the czech republic

Starting rank list of players

1Hrdina RobinCZE2048TJ Spartak Vlasim
2Zvara DavidCZE1967TJ Spartak Vlašim
3Skalicky TomasCZE1946TJ Tourist Biomedica Rica
4Pospisil MartinCZE1910TJ Tourist Biomedica Rica
5Pychova NelaCZE1595TJ Spartak Vlasim
6Filip LukasCZE1573TJ Spartak Vlasim
7Pycha PatrikCZE1539TJ Spartak Vlasim
8Studnicka PatrikCZE1492TJ Spartak Vlasim
10Zvara FilipCZE1460TJ Spartak Vlasim
9Filip VojtechCZE1367TJ Spartak Vlasim