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Fytefto Lixis SOP 2017

Last update 24.06.2017 11:31:41, Creator/Last Upload: greek chess federation

Starting rank

1Alexopoulos-Magklaras G-PGRE0
2Andreou-Maroudas G-NGRE0
3Anninou-Moutafi A-LGRE0
4Apostolopoulos-Papachristopoulos M-GGRE0
5Bolis-Prodromakis K-CGRE0
6Pardalakis-Vasilias K-NGRE0
7Chrysovitsanos-Trigkas P-KGRE0
8Chrysovitsanou-Makropoulou S-MGRE0
9Efthymiou-Lamprou O-NGRE0
10Efthymiou-Valsamos E-KGRE0
11Georgis-Ntaska T-DGRE0
12Kakoulidi-Lamprou E-TGRE0
13Katsikis-Tzelepis C-AGRE0
14Konstantopoulos-Moutafis K-TGRE0
15Papanikolaou-Proskefalas P-AGRE0
16Pardalaki-Pardalakis E-CGRE0