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The Fifth Year Kau Yan School Chess Tournament 2017 Kindy Section

Last update 20.06.2017 11:29:51, Creator/Last Upload: christopher kao

Starting rank

1吳 恩灝HKG0
2吳 臻彥HKG0
3嚴 尚志HKG0
4施 逸謠HKG0
5李 依彤HKG0
6梁 敬森HKG0
7梁 榐栢HKG0
8楊 悦朗HKG0
9楊 明HKG0
10蔡 尚衡HKG0
11藍 俊文HKG0
12蘇 樂HKG0
13鄧 安晴HKG0
14韓 其峰HKG0