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Arab Blitz championship 2009

Last update 28.12.2009 17:18:36, Creator/Last Upload: bechir messaoudi

Starting rank

1Al-Modiahki MohamedQAT2571
2Al Sayed MohamedQAT2504
3A.R Saleh SalemUAE2472
4Hakki ImadSYR2407
5Jawad Ahmad AzizIRQ2393
6Hadouche MohamedALG2358
7Moklis AdnaniMAR2343
8Kaabi MejdiTUN2306
9Zaibi AmirTUN2186
10Attallah TamaraPEL2077
11El Baruni MohamedLBA2073
12John HenrySUD0