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National Championship Qualifier 2017 - Tobago

Last update 20.06.2017 01:39:24, Creator/Last Upload: trinidad and tobago ca (licence 5)

Starting rank

1FMJohnson Joshua7700768TTO2192
2CMSingh Ravishen7700199TTO2032
3CMSoondarsingh Dev7700954TTO1922
4CMSears Frank7700121TTO1874
5Lee Hayden7700350TTO1863
6Lee Courtney7703228TTO1854
7Thomas Lewson7702035TTO1765
8Seaforth Sylvan7701276TTO1758
9CMDavis Daryl7701250TTO1756
10WCMSoondarsingh Aditi7700598TTO1704
11Duke Mateo7700474TTO1602
12Maynard David7703716TTO1582
13Sandy Jared7705387TTO1375
14Moheni Thuku7702728TTO1205
15Charles Aalliyah7705409TTO0
16Williams Shorndel7704526TTO0